Gear is great, everyone secretly loves getting new snowboard kit and trying it out for the first time, whoopin' and hollerin' down the hill safe in the knowledge that whilst there is now a massive hole in your wallet, it was at least worth it.

But the problem with snowboard gear is that not only is it damn expensive, chances to get some use out of it are few and far between. Most of us only get one or two weeks a year on the white stuff, and even those lucky enough to live the seasonaire life still have to pack it all away again after five short months.

So when summer rolls round you get left with some very pricey but utterly useless - and sometime pretty large - bits of kit kicking around your house, getting in the way and gathering dust.

Here at WL hq we're nothing if not helpful, so we've come up with a few ideas on how to utilise your snowboarding gear 365 days of the year. All it takes is a bit of creativity and some elbow grease for you too to have the most pimped out shred crib out of all our your friends!


Whilst for some having stuff growing out of your boots might be an unavoidable issue, you can utilise those hot and heavy shred boots in the summer months by pulling those green fingers out of your mitts.

Whether it's herbs you're after (and we're sure some of the ThirtyTwo team will be) or a few posies to give to your ma, these will not only save space by making summer use out of winter footwear, but they look pretty damn tight. And smell a lot better too.


We hadn't realised before this season, but in some corners of the internet turning an old shred stick into furniture is looked upon in a similar way to Jimmy Saville being given keys to a hospital (wait...).

But, if your ride is total fucked - like the author's old Yes Basic above - nothing screams king of the shred than a beefy snowboard bench outside your mansion.

If you want to really annoy the vintage snowboard preservation society, you can turn old snow decks into longboards, they hate that too. Or to stay on the seating theme, you could make something similar to this tribute to diphallia below:


No one like the inevitable tears and snot that comes with chopping onions, so use your shred eyes as one of those Pintrest-style 'life hacks' and don your fancy goggles as eye protection when you're cooking up that team spag bol. This also works in the winter too.


Everyone knows that trying to get a snowboarder to take off their beanie is a thankless task, even if it is 40 degrees outside. But at some point it does get ridiculous... Why not help a furry brother out and donate skanky old headwear to a worthy cause?


Another sure fire way to annoy old snowboard collectors, hack apart old decks and turn them into shelves!


And finally, maybe the most genius WL invention of all time: The Car Key Transceiver.

Never again struggle to find your keys, simply attach your transceiver (once again, everyone should own one) to your keys, then if you ever happen to lose them you can hunt them down with a spare, saving you time and providing you with valuable search and rescue practise through the summer!

Seriously, we should probably make an infomercial or something...