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Nobody is super-human. Not even the Gigi Rüfs and Halldor Helgasons of this world are infallible.

And let's be honest, we all like seeing the world's best slam partly 'cos it's as a reminder that they - like the rest of us - are only human. No one can nail tricks that crazy without suffering from some truly horrific falls once in a while.

So here we are, 13 of the worst slams we've seen this year. It's the snowboarding equivalent of car crash TV for you to enjoy/squirm over this festive period. Been in the wars yourself? Then send your gory pics over to us for our Injury of the Month feature in the mag!

[part title="Halldor Helgason in Winter X Games Big Air 2013"]

First up, it's gotta be that horrific crash Halldor Helgason took in the X Games 2013 back in January. While attempting a triple backflip, he over-rotated, hit the floor and knocked himself out cold. Luckily, he only suffered concussion but props to him for going so big!

[part title="Fredrik Perry in RK1's Vierli"]

Faint-hearted readers, look away now. This one makes you never want to ride a rail again. Fredrik Perry's riding along and hitting rails, happy as Larry, before he catches his back on the end of one. Kinda like when you snag your jumper on a door handle, except he leaves half his back behind.... Skip forward to 7.15 if you think you can handle it.

[part title="Hana Beaman in PS Episode 9"]

This video has all the components for a nasty slam video. The wildly out-of-control approach. Arms flapping uselessly mid-air. A bone-cracking landing followed by blood pouring from the face. Oooof. that's gotta hurt. Cracking your nose as hard as Hana Beaman did on this slam is bound to leave some lasting damage.

[part title="Nike's Never Not Slam City"]

Nike's Never Not was always going to be one of the most highly anticipated movies of the year. Artfully edited and packed full of serious riders, it didn't disappoint. Hell, they even managed to make their slams edit look super smooth. My god Ethan Morgan's blow to the head at 1.53 is nasty though eh? That follow-up clip of them stitching up his head is enough to make you vom into your leftover turkey sandwiches.

[part title="Deja Vu Slams Edit 2013"]

There's gotta be some masochistic element to snowboarding. Why else would riders hit the same rail - and eat shit in the same way - over and over again? It's not the most ball-busting of slams edits we've ever seen but there are some crackers in there.

We like the bit when LNP lies on the floor, clearly yelling to the heavens "WHYYY!" before hurling his broken board at the rail. And that's not the only hissy fit he throws in this part. You've gotta sympathise with the man though. You'd be pretty pissed too if you went through that many boards...

[part title="Ralph Backstrom in the longest ragdoll ever?"]

This one looks damn painful. Poor Ralph Backstrom falls victims to the classic 'winding down the windows' arms approach, before taking what appears to be the longest (and possibly fastest) ragdoll in the history of slams. I mean, it just goes on and on and on...

[part title="Top of the Flops September"]

Our sister site Mpora put together this collection of slams back in September. There's no particular rhyme or reason to this compilation, just some real bone-cracking, wince-inducing fails shown consecutively. One of our favourites? The dude at 1.09 who just can't snap his board. Oh, and it just goes to reinforce how douchey skiiers can be (check the sliding tackle at 1.02).

[part title="Caroline Degardh get beaten in Scandalnavians"]

Swede Caroline Degardh may not be a huge name in snowboarding, but she's quickly creating a strong rep for herself as a totally fearless rider. Over the summer, she dropped this slams edit of her worst bails over the season, shown in wince-worthy order (from bumped noggin to full-on face smashing). That last one is real nasty.

[part title="Absinthe's Bails, Blood and Tears 2013"]

Absinthe's slams edit was always going to be a good one. These riders are taking on mad attempts to nail tricks crazy tricks, particularly in the backcountry. Think epic tumbling tomahawks down huge backcountry faces. As we said in the intro, it's good to know that even riders as sick as Victor de le Rue and Bode Merrill don't just nail those tricks first time.