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Whether you’re someone who flaunts your new gear like it gives you superpowers or rock the all-black secret agent look to draw as little attention as possible to yourself, there’s no avoiding the rather depressing fact that the clothes you wear snowboarding will be judged by someone. It all really just boils down to whether you choose to care or not.


Every summer, a large chunk of the professional snowboard world assembles at Mt. Hood to snowboard, skate, eat good food and chill out. Most will be rocking next year’s apparel but with the weather often being better suited to monging out at the beach rather than being stuck halfway up a mountain, there’s usually much more scope for riders to get out-there with their gear choices.

Now, before we get ahead of ourselves we felt it was probably worth reminding everyone that trends come and go like teenage zits, and while the 5 that we’ve clocked at this year’s summer camps aren’t gonna be for everyone, we feel like it’s at least partly our duty to try and identify them.

Hate/defend/take notes as appropriate…

[part title='Bucket Hats']

ll j cool

Like the re-emergence of last night’s curry from the deepest, darkest depths of your digestive system, bucket hats are back from the 90s with a vengeance. We don’t know whether today’s snowboarders are just rediscovering their long lost LL J Cool albums or have just really got into fishing but everyone from Dylan Thompson to Denis Leontyev seems to be rocking the 90s fisherman throwback look. Check Denis out in this edit from Windells for a shining example.

[part title='Shorts']


Dylan Thompson bust out a pair of rather short shorts for Windells session 7. It must have been an extra hot day.

[part title='Hawaiian Shirts']


While there was a time in the not-so-distant past when Hawaiian shirts were strictly reserved for balding middle-aged dads on holiday in some exotic place such as Majorca, these brightly coloured floral numbers have been increasingly finding their way into lift lines and apres bars as of late. Take Derrek Lever here (who also, happens to be rocking a mighty fine bucket hat we might add) in the Windells session 3 video.

[part title='Coaches Jackets']


Coaches jackets, to those of you not down with American culture, are those thin, typically black, collared, pop-up-buttoned, kinda shiny jackets that perhaps unsurprisingly, can be found on sports coaches. They’re understated, lightweight and can be rocked on top of a hoody and are popular with kids wanting that spidery Jed Anderson look. Thirty Two released a limited edition ‘Hood Rats’ pack that flew off the shelves this summer and the coach jacket included in that has been cropping up everywhere in the summer camp edits – like on Joe Sexton here in the High Cascade session 4 video.

[part title="Halldor Helgason's pirate look..."]


We’ve got no idea what Halldor Helgason was going for with his get-up this summer but he looks a little bit like a pirate and pirates are rad. ‘Nuff said.