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We never cease to be amazed by the sheer number of ridiculously creative people involved in snowboarding. Something about the sport and the lifestyle around it seems to attract talented types.

Take for example, all the filmers who are pushing the boat out in terms of technique. We're not just talking about the likes of Curt Morgan, who, with his helicopters (remote controlled and real) has probably done more to change the way snowboarding is filmed than anyone else.

There's also people like Richard Prendigast, who made Matrix-style bullet-time possible on a budget back in 2010, or fellow Brit Tom Elliot and his Isenseven crew, whose intros are often as amazing as the parts themselves.

Like the very best music video directors, these guys are changing not just the way snowboarding is documented, but also having an influence on the wider world of film beyond the boundaries of our sport.


As proud as we are though, at Whitelines HQ we sit next to editors of other action sports mags and websites. And every now and then, we come across a video that's so well shot, or has a concept that's so insane, that it kinda makes us wish that a snowboarder had thought of it first.

Here are 5 of the best. Even if we're not particular fans of the sport involved (and we're definitely not in some cases) these videos are so good we simply have to take our (wooly) hats off to them.

Follow the page breaks for our countdown of next level filming.

[part title="Bob Burnquist's Dreamland"]

OK so having said that we weren't just impressed by Curt Morgan's helicopters, we're kinda gonna contradict ourselves here. 'Cos while the skating is undoubtedly insane (and interestingly, in our opinion, heavily influenced by snowboarding - check out those corked spins) what really send this over the edge is when the heli comes along at 6.23. I mean check it grinding the rainbow rail FFS!

Yup, we wish a snowboarder had thought of airing up onto a heli rail, dropping back in off it, and doing all the rest of this insane James Bond shit. Surely it's more of a natural fit with snowboarding than skating anyway...?

[part title="Robbie Madison's Air.Craft"]

We're not sure if this could ever actually translate into snowboarding to be honest. I mean it's not like you find military aircraft graveyards everywhere in the world, and we're guessing that the location of this one - in the scorching Arizona desert - kind of precludes doing anything with snow involved.

But still, how sick would it be if you did find a snowy equivalent? Amazing atmospheric shots of rusting machines, and a dude massive getting airtime over them. It would be awesome. Come to think of it, I bet there's a snowy area full of rusting MiGs in Moscow where you could make this happen...

[part title='Ryan Sheckler. A Day in New York City']

While Oakley funded Burnquist and DC were behind Robbie Madison's video, neither presence is as blatant as this, which is quite plainly an advert for GoPro. But even the slightly cheesy graphics, the freeze frames and the obvious explanations of how their technology works can't detract from the fact that this is a pretty cool video.

I mean the idea of having cameras set up everywhere, and capturing lines from multiple angles (the under the board one being our personal favourite) is sick isn't it? And when you throw in the fact that it's someone as good as Sheckler skating...

[part title='JP Auclair Street Segment from All.I.Can']

I'm sure a lot of readers (not least Whitelines very own editor Ed - please don't fire me!) will be disgusted to see us bigging up a skiing video on the site. But before you start hammering your "outraged of Tunbridge Wells" responses into the comments section below, kindly hear us out.

Not only is this section beautifully shot and set to a banging soundtrack (who doesn't like LCD Soundsystem?) but the obstacles look great, and the way it's been cut together, so that it looks like it's just several long top-to-bottom runs through town, is something quite different and pretty cool. Yes, we know he's on two planks. And yes, we know nearly all ski tricks were 'stolen' from snowboarding. But be honest with yourself, isn't there a part of you that wishes a snowboarder had come up with this idea? And then gone and done it this well?

[part title="Danny MacAskill's Imaginate"]

Number one in our list is this epic from Scottish trials bike rider Danny MacAskill. Funded by Red Bull (who else?) this is quite simply the coolest action sports concept we've ever seen committed to celluloid (you can't say committed to hard-drive, it doesn't have quite the same ring, does it?) In fairness, almost any of MacAskill's previous videos would probably have been worthy of this top 5 (check out the incredible Industrial Revolutions if you haven't already seen it) but this one trumps all of them.

It's not just the concept, or even the fact that MacAskill's riding is standardly mind-blowing, it's that the execution of the whole thing. Even the bit with the kid playing him at the beginning is nicely shot and done well, especially when you consider how cheesy it could have been.

Whether or not the idea of kids toybox style obstacles would ever have translated into snowboarding we're not sure, but we kind of wish a snowboarder had thought of it first and given it a go. I mean how cool are that tank and the toy soldiers? And how much fun could you have with a bit of snow on that train station...?

If you think we've missed any videos off our list that deserve to be there, please post them in the comments below, and we'll share the worthy ones up on the website!