Phew! That was one hell of a season wasn't it? Hectic doesn't even cover the half of it, even the most casual observers of the snowboard world had a lot to keep up with. Olympic hype to the rise of the micro-contest, snowboarding media was everywhere

Partly to blame for this was the huge uptake from the snowboard industry of the Instagram video - from shaky iPhone recordings, GoPro selfies to hyper slo-mo RED Epics everyone has embraced this tool for 16 seconds of fame.

But is blame the right word? We all love snowboarding right? And with a limited time to catch up with all the edits flying out of the internet the insta vid has been a great way to keep your finger on the pulse.

Whether you love the quick hit or long for the days of annual films to return to their former glory, Instagram is here to stay. Enjoy some of the best mini vids the pros have given us this year.

If you'll forgive us, we'll kick things of with ourselves (@whitelinesmag if you want to hit us up). This was shot at out first ever Whitelines Wipeout pond skim in Kaunertal a couple of weeks ago, amazing fun for all but Jesse Smith blew everyone away (out of the water?) with this insane heelside skim to front 27 out - we didn't even think it was possible before witnessing this!

Olav Stubberud (@olavstubberud) is - if you hadn't heard of him before - the filmer and director of the universally loved RK1 edits featuring a whole host a mental Scandi riders, but unlike many filmers he can actually throw down pretty hard. Well, kind of...

This was without a doubt one of the highlights of the year, let alone the X Games. Riding high on the shoulders of his ridiculous part in Nike's Never Not, Halldor Helgason (@hhelgason) had absolutely nothing to prove. But then he did this, opening the Aspen big air with one hell of a method and cementing himself in snowboarding folklore for what must have been the hundreth time.

'April Fools on Gulli!' Team Helgason's manager, filmer and lunatic Johannes Brenning akak Coach Thunder (@thunder7913) got Gulli Gudmundsson good and proper on the first of April this year. Harsh? Yes, but still hilarious.

Pat Bridges is a bonafide snowboarding hero, the knowledge and power behind Snowboarder Mag in the States. Which made it all the more awesome to see him getting silly with Crab Grab (@crabgrab) late in the season.

Sage Kotsenburg (@sagekotsenburg), Olympic champion and snowboarder's snowboarder had one of the best Instagram feeds of all this year, including absolute gems like this backflip, about as laid out as you could ever be.

Whitelines favourite hat wearer and cabin dweller Tim Eddy (@timshreddy) is never in any doubt, therefore he must always lay it out. Simple, see?

Aimee Fuller (@aimee_fuller) picked up a lot of Insta followers this year after her antics at the Olympics, good job to because later in the season they got treated to a first look at her her first cab double underflip.

There were many memorable methods this year and this is definitely one of them. Ben Ferguson absolutely sending it at Snowboarder Mag's (@snowboardermag) Launch event. Woah.

Sage again, this time some simple powder slashing from the feed of Jonathon Weaver (@jonathon_weaver). Post Olympic simplicity.

Christy Prior (@christyprior) slays it in the park, that much she proved once again this season. But more than anything we still like watching people shred pow. Face shot of the season?

Although he came short in Sochi, in many ways this was one of the best years for Danny Davis (@travlindan). The pipe champ as well as the people's champ in Aspen, his switch methoding ways won everyone over. Here he is chilling and pond skimming with some of his Frends at their annual gathering.

Another from Jonathon Weaver (@jonathon_weaver), this time a weird angle of Scotty Lago's practise backside airs at the US Open.

What's the best use for Instagram? Sending all your buddies pictures of you getting face shots whilst they head to work on a Monday morning. Bobby Meeks (@bobbyloveslions) masters this art in the vid above.

Tim Eddy (@timshreddy) again, backflipping again, looking awesome again.

Billy Morgan (@billymorgan89) was perhaps the unluckiest out of the slopestyle competitors in Sochi, in an event that was being judged as much on style and technique as well as difficulty of tricks he would have been well within a shout for a medal if he'd stuck a run in the finals. Ifs buts and maybes aside, he still has the best backside triple cork, just look how high he is when he finishes the third invert!

As well as just missing out at the 'Lympics, Billy Morgan (@billymorgan89) also narrowly missed the finals at the X Games this year. No matter, he still became the first person to put down back to back triples, in practice.

Jamie Anderson (@jamieandersonsnow) reveals the secrets to snowboarding success in this quick instavid. Apparently its, erm, wearing tight pants and standing on your head. No matter, we enjoyed it...

From the 'Lympics to a salt bin, snowboarding was like a virus this winter, and there was no one more infected than Jaeger Bailey (@jaegerbailey). That kid shreds.

Scott Stevens (@sleepystevens) is a talented and lucky guy, maybe one of the most innovative riders ever AND he's managed to snag himself a girlfriend that seems to love being on the mountains too. No matter she's a skier, they're obviously having a whole heap of fun.

Not gonna lie, it was the music that grabbed us with one from DWD (@dinosaurs_will_die), along with Ian Keay's rad rail skills that is.

Well, he was Mr Selfie already, but this year Tim Humphreys (@timhumphreys) had probably the most active feed out of everyone, selfie after rad selfie, it was hard to choose a favourite. This one of an air through a tree straight into a stylish line of park booters took the win though.

Corey Smith and Travis Rice (@travisrice) together, they must be up to something incredible. Nope, just some knee boarding, but somehow that still turns out incredible.

We McLove this McMethod from Mark McMorris (@markmcmorris), clean, held and tweaked to the McMax. Nuff McSaid.

Was the Sochi course the most iconic scene this year? Only time will tell, but for us nothing would round out this list like a Ben Kilner's (@benkilner) competitor's eye view of Jamie Nicholls dropping in on Sochi. Happy summer everyone.