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Injuries are no fun, something our editor Ed was reminded of last week when he came a cropper during the Spring Break Board Test in Austria. Check out the bruise:

Mountain 1, Ed 0. Photo: George Blomfield

Should you ever find yourself in a similar situation, there is a potential silver lining. Send us a photo of your busted bits and you may well end up with a prize - not to mention the opportunity to gross out Whitelines readers across the land.

We had some belters this year, covering everything from heads to bums. Here are the six that made the mag and scored the injured parties some Forcefield impact shorts. Proceed with caution: one of these in particular is seriously nasty...

Got a good pic yourself, and a story to go with it? Send it to duthie@whitelines.com and you might scoop one of next season's prizes.

[part title="October 2013: The Ralph-Inducer"]


Dear Whitelines,

Me and my buddy Andy decided to do a bucket list board trip to Hokkaido. There was fresh everywhere and the whole mountain was like a virgin but somehow Andy ,managed to knock his calf and bruise it slightly. A week later, after it swelled to twice its normal size, the poor bugger had to undergo a fasciectomy, where the calf was given four incisions to release pressure build-up. Then left open for a few days. I nearly ralphed when I saw it.

- Pablo Sayer


[part title="November 2013: The Exit Wound"]


Dear Whitelines,

I remember a sickening crunch, and at first I thought I'd broken my goggles. My vision was different and I couldn't figure out where was on the slope. I had to take off my helmet to see what the fuss was about, and then blood started to flow down the front of my face. The helmet my wife bought me for Xmas saved my life!

- Derek Higgs


[part title="December 2013: The Masterchef"]

Injury Of The Month Jan 2014

Dear Whitelines,

I worked in a chalet in St Anton this past season. While setting up the table for breakfast one morning, the guy I work with gave me a bottle of the chalet red wine and 'dared me'. Next thing I know I'm a couple bottles down and slicing the salami for breakfast, when I almost slice the end of my finger off. Patched it up and went out, forgot about it until I was riding the next day and my glove filled up with blood!

- James Thomas

[part title="January 2014: The Terminator"]


Dear Whitelines,

My friend Chloe Green, who is a fairly good freestyler, was learning how to ride boardercross at the Hemel Hempstead snowdome. She didn’t suck her legs in enough when going over three consecutive rollers, and caught an edge. She took the full impact of the icy course with her right shoulder before flipping some more and hitting her head, which knocked her out briefly. Chloe has now had surgery and is the proud owner of a plate and pins, plus a gorgeous scar.

- David Harrison

[part title="February 2014: The Two-Face"]

Injury Of The Month February 2014

Dear Whitelines,

A ‘cheeky’ bruise I managed to get while practicing for the 2014 season... Unfortunately at a dry slope park night, and not on the real white stuff! One day the name Katie Elise Rowley will be as big as Xavier De Le Rue... Promise!

– Katie Rowley

[part title="March 2014: The Raging Bull"]

Morzine - Face

Hey Whitelines,

While in Morzine over Christmas, I rode into the Fornet bowl with my brother and a couple of mates. I went to put in a turn but caught my hand on an avalanche fence. Things went from bad to worse as I got spun off the edge of a drop into the rocks below. The impact split the peak of my helmet, gauged my lens and popped it out of my goggles, and then I took the rest of it straight in the face. Several X-rays of my head, neck and hand later, I got out of hospital with just five stitches and a balloon of a face. All in all a very lucky escape!

- Jonny Smethurst