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It's the penultimate day of the year. A time for reflection upon the year that's passed and blah-blah-blah. We're not gonna do any of that soul-searching crap here at Whitelines, but we thought it'd be good excuse to have a look back through the best bits of 2013. It's been a busy (and entertaining) year!

There's been plenty of highlights from possibly the most progressive X Games ever to triple corks being stomped left, right and centre. We've had multiple debates on everything from Shaun White to slednecks, watched some epic full parts and made some pretty hilarious (read: very mature) gags along the way. The question now is what will 2014 bring?

Take a scroll through our the very best things we've seen this year. Enjoy!

[part title="January"]

Shaun White stomped a backside triple cork over in Breckenridge, a few months behind McMorris, Torstein et al. There was a rumour going round (though we're not sure if it's true) that his people closed the park off and made anyone watching sign non-disclosure agreements so the news wouldn't leak before they wanted it to.

We discovered this GEM of a fake mag cover!

ski-cunt magazine

This cheeky picture got Jamie Nicholls into a lot of trouble... Swearing on camera apparently is a big no-no for British would be Olympians. Well, according to BSS' performance director who told him off on Twitter.


Halldor stomped his insane new trick, the Lobster Flip...

... and then not long after crashed out SPECTACULARLY in the X Games, ending up in a neck brace.

And Torstein went on to smash it in the X Games Big Air 2013 with a switch backside triple cork 1440!

[part title="February"]

Billy Morgan stomped his first triple cork 1440 in Breckenridge, making him the first British rider to join the triple club. He definitely didn't close off the park or fuck around with non-disclosure agreements. We know cos we were there watching him do it.

Then this dumb-ass kid fell a whopping 45ft from a chair lift after he was goofing around... You can just hear Napoleon Dynamite's voice saying, "urgh idiot!"

Gif Falls Off Chair Lift

Ralph Backstrom did the longest ragdoll ever in this Teton Gravity movie clip. Man that's gotta hurt...

While Kevin Backstrom (no relation to Ralph) got himself kicked off the Swedish snowboard team for sexism. Below is his Instagram profile picture at the time of the row, which didn't exactly help dig him out of trouble... Find out exactly what he said here...


Gigi Rüf storms through to first place at the Red Bull Ultra Natural with this epic run...

Torstein Horgmo dropped the full movie of Horgasm online If you haven't watched it already you really should.

[part title="March"]

We discovered this mental video of Russian eurocarving! Bat-shit cray stuff right here.

Jeremy Jones lived to survive this massive avalanche. That's a pretty close shave!

We were introduced to this rad little 12-year-old ripper, Red Gerard. He was born in 2000. Yep, 2000! It's enough to make you feel really, really old...


Shaun White proved he has a sense of humour by imparting his worldly pipe knowledge to Torstein Horgmo - otherwise known as "the double blumpkin".

Aimee Fuller became the first EVER woman to land a double backflip in a competition...

British riders continued to have a good month with Jamie Nicholls claiming an amazing 5th place in the Burton US Open, a stonking result in that no male Brit had achieved before.

Oh yeah, and we got sent another video of a nauseatingly-talented young ripper. Marcus Kleveland stomped a triple cork at the age of 13... Watch the full video here.


[part title="April"]

Jamie Barrow made British snowboarding history by breaking the UK snowboard speed record, reaching a top speed of 151.6 kph...

Saint Christophe in France was hit by this mad, out-of-nowhere avalanche...

Torgeir Bergrem landed the world's first triple cork 1620 - so many spins!

We partied at Horizon Festival in Bulgaria and The Brits in Tignes. There were plenty of nights spent like this...


... and mornings looking like this

feeling sick gif

We discovered that headstand skiing is an actual thing...

And Katie Ormerod landed a double backflip - aged 15!

[part title="May"]

As the season ended, snowboarding news started to get a little thin on the ground... and things started to get a bit freaky. Cue naked snowboarding in Russia!

Then we were confronted by this bizarre contraption - the screw propellered snowboard. Time to sack off chairlifts and ordinary riding for good? We think not...

Jezza Jones outruns another avalanche, but this time slides straight into a bar in this ridiculous Coors Light advert


Oh, and some dude spends the whole season riding a plastic Kmart stick. Yep, we told you...

Luckily, Sina Candrian brought us a slice of actual, real snowboarding by throwing down the first female frontside 1080 off a kicker. Yes girl!

[part title="June"]

Sage Kotsenburg and Eric Willet mastered the GoPro toss mid-run. Pretty damn impressive.

We reacted like this when we found out Shaun White has his own BAND...


This shredit was filmed in the Cairngorms, Scotland on the 5th of June! There was still enough snow to ride... just.

We published one of our favourite stories of the year: Snowboarding on Mars "might be possible" says NASA. Watch the full explanatory video here!


[part title="July"]

Elena Hight strips down to, well, nothing for the ESPN Body Issue - we debate whether this is degrading to women...

Elena Hight posing nude for ESPN's Body Issue

Jay Hergert drops this super surfy edit, which was pretty different to anything we'd ever seen before

Plans to build a GIANT new indoor snow dome at Stratford Olympic Park in London (like the one in Dubai below) were announced - much to the excitement of London's riders


We were introduced to DOUK snowboards, currently the only sticks we know of to be made entirely in the UK

Douk Snowboards - UK snowboard factory - Laying Up Boards

And we worked out exactly which snowboarders have the most clout on social media. Guess who came out on top?


[part title="August"]

We listened to the full story from Kevin Pearce about his movie, The Crash Reel, documenting his tragic accident and subsequent recovery...

It's not snowboarding, but it was summer - which is why we featured this INSANE megaramp skateboarding video of Bob Burnquist. Watch. It. Now.

We got a sneak preview of the Sochi Olympic slopestyle course...


This snowboarder uploaded a video of an epic tumble in Fernie

Jenny Jones stomped an awesome 2nd place at Olympic qualifiers in Cardrona, New Zealand, giving her the FIS points she need to qualify for Sochi. Result!


And we bore witness to this mental 60m lake skim video!

[part title="September"]

We headed over to the Nike Never Not premiere and watched Jed, Gigi, Nico, Ethan, Halldor and many, many more throw down some monster moves


Scotty Vine hucked this crazy one-footed double backflip...

We put together a list of what we thought would be the top 50 riders to watch out for this winter! Have a look and see if our predictions are proving right...

top 50 snowboarders to watch this year

BBC presenter and Whitelines columnist Ed Leigh wrote us some tips onhow to ride powder every time you go away... Advice that's definitely worth listening to.


And we learnt how to use a GoPro properly with filmer Sam McMahon


[part title="October"]

In less positive newsm X Games Tignes was cancelled indefinitely


Mark McMorris released his own MTV reality TV show. This is how we felt about it:


The trailer for Avalanche Sharks took the world by storm...

We published our list of the top 40 boards for 2013/14

Screen Shot 2013-10-14 at 14.01.27

Halldor Helgason threw this mental double roof gap trick in his Never Not part - we asked if it was the most mental trick ever!

We indulged in some pow drooling time at the Naturally premiere with Jake Blauvelt and the rest


Shaun White got busted building his own "secret" halfpipe in Perisher, Australia to practice those gold medal-winning triples...


Followed by an inevitable debate online about Shaun White. Love him or hate him, there were some pretty strong opinions both ways

shaun White mugshot

Plus there was another great debate over whether snowskates are the lamest pieces of kit on the mountain, or whether they are in fact the future?

Finally, the interesting news emerged that Quiksilver had decided to sell off Lib Tech, Gnu and the rest of Mervin Manufacturing...


[part title="November"]

Jamie Nicholls landed his first triple cork in Austria. Yes mate!

Sochi revealed the worst Olympic uniform... ever

Sochi 2014 Olympics Uniform

Torah Bright re-stated her ambition to qualify in all three Olympic disciplines this year

Nike released this mad pair of LED snowboard boots!


We had a rad time watching Sparrow Knox smash it at the O'Neill Shoreditch Showdown

O'Neill Shoreditch Snowdown - London 2013-7666-SparrowKnox

While Jamie Anderson was involved in possibly the worst snowboard advert we've ever seen. We can only hope the money was worth it.

We published home truths blogger Belle de Neige for the first time. She gave us her hilarious lowdown of what to expect on your first season.

Illusion 4 Romance

Oh yeah, and Anna Gasser became the first woman to stomp a double cork on a kicker!

[part title="December"]

We get a real insight into how dumb humanity can be with this video of a skier accidentally hurling his ski through a bus window...

ski bus window gif

...and then this sledneck nearly driving himself off the edge of a cliff

Shaun White came second in the Dew Tour pipe final - the first time he's been beaten in the pipe since 2010!


Scott Stevens dropped another mental part, possibly our favourite full part of the year.

This inappropriate looking glacier caught our attention...

the most inappropriate looking glacier ever

Before we boggled over vom-inducing scary lifts, including this one up to the top of the Aguille du Midi in Chamonix.


Torstein Horgmo dropped back onto the scene with his ever-entertaining Shred Bots edits

We froze our butts off watching Andy Nudds tear it up at this year's Freeze Festival...

Andy Nudds_Back Board_London Freeze 2013_photo by Aivars Zee Zarins

...got fit for winter with the Team GB strength and conditioning coach...


...and discovered Disney are making the worst snowboard film ever.

And there you have it. That, ladies and gentlemen, was our 2013. As we all prepare to go out and get horrendously drunk tomorrow night, let's remind ourselves of the good times we've had. And pray that 2014 will continue in the same entertaining vein. Happy New Year!