Young pretenders may snap at its heels from time to time, but Instragram remains the most popular, and most relevant, social media platform for snowboarders.

It's probably down to the fact that sharing great (and, lets face it, mediocre) photographyis something that everyone, from the winningest pro to the weekend warrior, can feel compelled to do when surrounded by beautiful mountains.

It's also a handy tool for keeping on top of what's happening in le monde de neige, in the same way that other, more mainstream journalistic outputs now use it as a catch-all, popularity o-meter of who and what is hot right now.

*Enter Led Zeppelin - Whole Lotta Love*

(All stats correct on 17/08/2018)

"Who has the most followers, and what does one have to do to make it to the top?"

10) Torstein Horgmo - 284,000

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We've updated this list a few times since it was first published in 2014, and with some old favourites just dropping out of the top ten (see ya Stale, ta taa Torah), good ol' Torstein Horgmo is still here sitting on the bubble.

An extended break due to various injuries didn't slow him down - and now that he's back on his board, his feed (@torsteinhorgmo) is chock-full of bangers.
Now with added dog. And vlog.

9) Hannah Teter - 329,000

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Whilst we're sure the two (well-earned!) Olympic medals played their part in getting Hannah Teter (@hannahteter) this high up the list, it's more than likely that her (seemingly now defunct) underwear company and its accompanying shots might have boosted the follower numbers a little.

There's not a huge amount of shred pics, but wanderlust, in general, is well covered.

8) Ayumu Hirano - 335,000

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The first of two new entries into this list, Ayumu Hirano musta got some of that Insta-juice after grabbing the Olympic pipe silver for the second time in PyeongChang.

His account is actually the highest-placed non-English account we could find, and instead of the sea of selfies and spammy product placementsyou get with a lot of other profiles around this number, his posts are few and far between. As usual, Ayumu let's his riding do the talking.

7) Silje Norendal - 348,000

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Her todeo-7 is still a thing of beauty, and she is the proud owner of two back-to-back women's X Games slopestyle golds - but again, we're betting that's not what got Silje Norendal this many followers.

Her ratio of 'riding shots' to 'other' is comfortably the lowest out of all the riders on this list - finding banger action shots on @siljenorendal required sifting through glamourous selfies like you're panning for gold.

Not that we're keen to knock the relentless positivity that she seems to carry with her - the world needs that now more than ever.

6) Sage Kotsenburg - 360,000

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Of course Sage Kotsenburg (@sagekotsenburg), Olympic gold medalist was going to make this list. His is one of the best Insta-feeds, increasingly popular and full of fun.

Almost every picture or video clip is from the mountains, as he continues to prove to the world that he's no flash-in-the-pan. Plus now that the five rings are a distant memory, there's less of the chat-show couch shots and even more shredding.

5) Jamie Anderson - 501,000

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If, like Cartman, you wished the hippies would just give up and die, probably best to avoid this. However, if you love rad snowboarding and yoga then be sure to get signed up to Jamie Anderson's Insta-account (@jamieanderson).

With the winningest competition record in all of women's snowboarding, an Olympic gold and one of the best switch back 540s in the game, she was always going to be popular. Her appearance on The Celebrity Apprentice USA clearly had an effect as well, as she's gained a significant amount of followers since then - enough to break into the top three.

4) Travis Rice - 510,000

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Since last we checked, Travis Rice's feed (@travisrice) has jumped in popularity. Must have been something to do with that movie of his...

Fans of The Fourth Phase can get several behind-the-scenes clips on Travis' feed, as well as general adventuring in the sea as well as the mountains.

He also regularly takes the time to big up his fellow riders to his massive audience, posting their best bangers and generally spreading the good word. Good man.

3) Chloe Kim - 703,000

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When we first ran this list back in 2014, Chloe Kim was still just a whisper in the wind, something just over the horizon. Yeah, she had some X Games medals, but these day's she's on Jimmy Fallon bitch.

Yup, now up there with the big hitters, she's shot up to be the most-followed female snowboarder (bumping JA down into fifth). Seeing as she's still at a tender age compared to the rest of the podium, what are the chances she'll be top dog overall one day?

2) Mark McMorris - 753,000

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There's no shifting Mark McMorris from the podium here - even after a lengthy absence from snowboarding brought on by a broken leg, @markmcmorris is still the second-most popular shred-related feed, and by a long way.

He's managed to get his face out there more than the average snowboarder, be it on the post-Olympic chat show circuit, with his Wal-Mart clothing line, or promoting the Mark McMorris Infinite Air video game. There was even a TV show about his recovery from that nightmare injury.

Of course, he's also won more medals than just about anyone, and fills his feed with epic shots from the world's biggest contests.

1) Shaun White - 1,200,000

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Shaun White gave his Insta-feed a bit of a reboot in 2016, ditching the spontaneous (and often endearing) snapshots of the past in favour of a carefully curated collection of composite images - most of which promote his fashion line at Macy's. This, and some medal he won back in February, has possibly contributed to his return to the top spot, with almost double the number of followers than any other rider.

Head to @shaunwhite for the full 'experience'.

Also Rans

Yeah, we were surprised to see a few names miss out on the top ten this time around, so here's a few people you might also be missing:

Torah Bright - 194,000

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Now falling outside of the very top follwed riders, there's always a place in our hearts for one of WL's all time favourite snowboarders and human beings: Torah Bright (@torahbright)?

The multi-disciplined Aussie's account is heavy on the smiles, either in the pow or at the beach. There's plenty of family cameos too, and general adventuring - Torah's living the good life, and she knows it.

Stäle Sandbech - 273,000

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If you had an Olympic Silver medal and a few X Games gongs, you'd probably have over 200,000 followers too. But there's more to the popularity of Stäle Sandbech's feed than his results.

With both a brother and a best friend being internationally lauded photographers, he's got no difficulty keeping up a good stream of photos for his Insta-feed (@stalesandbech). There's clearly some effort that's gone into this; it's low on spontaneous selfies and high on quality shots.

The riding pics are all top drawer, which is no surprise given that Stäle is one of the most stylish riders out there.

Anna Gasser - 276,000

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She's arguably the most dominant force in women's slopestyle, and with her post-'Lympic bump pushing her over the follower reach of Stäle, it's more than likely that we'll see Anna Gasser in the top ten pretty soon.