The king of grabs had one of it's best years yet in 2014. Whether you were a jib kid, powder hound or contest robot everyone had theirs out this winter. Tweaked out, poked, twisted, inverted, switch, arched - the old cliche held true, everyone has their own style and unique combination of grab placement and flex and they're not afraid to show it.

Rather than feeling we'd reached 'peak method' we were overjoyed. You can never have too much of a good thing...

In fact most video parts, edits and magazines included at least one - Method Mag even ran a different method on each cover this year - but rather than feeling we'd reached 'peak method' we were overjoyed. You can never have too much of a good thing eh?

This was so true that when we were bickering over the ten best tricks of the year, after we'd put together a short list we realised that a significant proportion were basically methods. We decided it was best to give them their own category completely, so here they are in all their hanging, creaking glory: 2013/14's best methods.

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Iouri Podladchikov, iPod, the current Olympic halfpipe champion - the guy absolutely smashed it this year, dominating pretty much every contest he entered. And he has one hell of a method to boot.

He killed it at the Burton European Open in Laax back in January, easily taking the win and treating everyone to a victory lap with his last drop in, showing just how huge he can get that method out the pipe. But for his best, it would have to be the one from his gold medal run in Sochi, you can't really fault it can you?

More known for his urban rail skills, the wee kid from up north has a mighty method stored away under his belt, the pop, height and tweak all duly credited to his days putting laps in on the Halifax kicker.

In fact it's so mighty Will Smith can actually use it as a power for good, smashing drones out of the sky as he tweaks it into another dimension. In fact it's rumoured that Afghanistan are constructing a special Snowflex replica of said Halifax booter as an aid to clearing their skies once and for all.

The footage here is taken from the Dragon Methodical Madness comp at this year's UK board test which - safe to say - Will won. With a tweak like that how could you not?

It may not have been enough to nab him that elusive third Olympic gold, but when Shaun White drops in to his first backside hit, you're gonna know about it. It's not the most tweaked or pretty, but by god it's just about the biggest method you'll ever see, rarely straying much below the four metre mark.

In fact, his last one in Sochi was so big, even the unlucky camerman couldn't keep it in frame, though it does make it look all the more impressive. Though he's seemingly much happier playing guitar in his new band these days, this is what we'll miss him for.

You can't have a discussion about methods without bring up a few names, one of them being Nicolas Muller's. In this year's Nike movie Never Not he tweaked out the above, arguably one of the very best we've ever seen from him.

Held for almost ever, there must be a lot said for constantly chilling in Laax, living the peaceful life and listening to Lea Lu - this method would easy put the back out of a younger, lesser man, but not that of the Yoda of shred.

Time for a little diversity now - Kiwi Christy Prior was one of our favourites for the women's slopestyle in Sochi after viewing the edit this beaut came out of, easily equal to many of the men on rails and as stylee as any other girl on jumps.

And what style, just look at the tweak on this switch back one method - hard enough to do without spinning through what most people consider the hardest direction, but she pokes it out a treat. Corr.

Of course, the Nordic cats in this list, he may keep relatively under the radar these days but when Terje Haakonsen makes an appearance, you'll remember.

This came out of the last episode of Pat Moore's web series, Blueprint, and it's got pretty much every element you'd look for in a Tezza method. Powder? Check. Burton Fish? Check. Smashed it through a tree? Check. So much hang time he can almost let go then tweak it out for a second go? Check mate.

After this year's X Games this was the trick on everyone's lips: Danny Davis' switch method. Boosting off your heel edge is hard enough in the pipe, doing it switch and holding a tweak 36ft off of the flat is another thing all together. Many of the other riders that night stated they'd rather be doing double corks than one of those.

What made this even better was what it meant for the style brigade this year, Danny grabbed the win - unusually for the usual spin-to-win criteria of the X Games - and as the riders went into Sochi style was right on the agenda, heralding in the era of Sage.


Without a doubt, the best method of the Olympics. A relative unknown compared to the heavy line up at Sochi, Kent Callister blew everyone out of the water on his first hit, almost giving poor Ed Leigh a heart attack. The rest of his run was pretty tight too, giving the Aussie a deserved ninth place in the end.

But back to the method -Just. Look. At. It. Not only is it absolutely massive, but the tweak on it is unreal, just out of this world. Every time he poked it out it looked like his spine was going to rip through his bib. Safe to say this is probably what earned him a justified place at this year's Arctic Challenge. Bravo Kent.

This year would have totally been Halldor Helgason's, if only for the fact that he's already dominated pretty much everything in snowboarding for the last five. Not only did his nutty backflip from Never Not top our tricks of the season, but this fine method at the X Games big air made us fall every so slightly more eternally in love with him.

It's yet another example of how at 23 Halldor is already at icon of shred, total not-a-fuck-given syndrome. What better way to stick it to the American Navy sponsored big air booter - one built specifically for hucking triple off - than by showing snowboarding is about more than gymnastics. That method is not only tweaked to death but it's held for a good 2 1/2 seconds over that terrifying kicker.

Words can't describe, so watch it again.

The beauty of the method - king of grabs - is in the simplicity, which is why Ben Ferguson's monster effort at The Launch this year deserves 'Best Method of 2014'.

Huge, held and tweaked, that's all you need and that's all this has. Now all there is to do is sit back, enjoy this again and wait to see what shapes people are going to be throwing next year because - as long as there's snowboarding - there's always going to be methods.