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Whats This?!? Quiksilver Russia?

Whats This?!? Quiksilver Russia?

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http://mpora.com/videos/AAd9ukiqsxe1 Shy of painting the office red and insisting on the re-distribution of stash in the Office, we think we’ve gone a bit east today with the Czech edit, Lithuanian edit and now it’s time for our friendly neighborhood superpower to show us their talent curtsey of Quiksilver Russia.

We were once again, pleasantly surprised by how rad this edit is. Solid mix of urban, park and big mountain which even includes Johan Olafson giving the powder a good seeing too similar to the likes of this old chesnut.

Whilst Johan might not be Russian, the rest of the crew look pretty darn Ruskie to us (The un-decipherable characters suggest so anyway) and it’s sick to see so much coming out from our Eastern pals. From what we can see from the video it looks like a steep and deep Kamchatka heli session and we know there’s a session on a Kremlin size booter in Hemsedal featured in the film as well. A busy week week for Quiksilver with this having dropped last week as well…

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