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Whats This?!? Quiksilver Russia?

Shy of painting the office red and insisting on the re-distribution of stash in the office, we think we’ve gone a bit East today, with the Czech edit, Lithuanian edit and now it’s time for the all mighty superpower to show us their talent courtesy¬†of Quiksilver Russia.

We were once again, pleasantly surprised by how rad this edit is. Solid mix of urban, park and big mountain which even includes Johan Olafson giving the powder a good seeing too similar to the likes of this old chesnut.

Whilst Johan might not be Russian, the rest of the crew look pretty darn Ruskie to us (The un-decipherable characters suggest so anyway) and it’s sick to see so much coming out from our Eastern pals. From what we can see from the video it looks like a steep and deep Kamchatka heli session and we know there’s a session on a Kremlin size booter in Hemsedal featured in the film as well. A busy week week for Quiksilver with this having dropped last week as well…