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Worst bail ever?

Worst bail ever?

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After an odd conversation in the office, we found ourselves talking about some of the roughest, gnarliest and bone shattering slams we’ve seen. Seems like an odd thing to talk about but we blame the skiers (What is it with skiers getting naked and overshooting?) for getting us onto the topic after revisiting Tanner Hall’s, Chads “my ankles are broken” Gap bail.

Although this isn’t THE worst crash we’ve ever seen, it is fucking terrifying to watch even though you don’t even see him land. You know that moment when you shoot over the knuckle and your heart drops? Imagine if the landing was cutting away at something like 45 degrees. You know it’s rough when Mikkel Bang can barley believe what happened “Dude didn’t even make a mark in the ice….you know

Feel free to post any of the videos you find make you wince below…

  1. Henry Fuller

    That quote isn’t Torstein’s… need a new editor? lol

    1. Intern

      The Intern is now dead….


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