How to wax a board – by a girl in her pants!

Waxing a board – it’s easy when you know how. But what about that first time, where you’ve got no idea what to do? Wouldn’t it be massively helpful to get tips on how to get started? And wouldn’t it be even better to see it done by a girl wearing nothing but her underwear?

EyeHandy.com offer free video turorials for tasks that we’ll all need to know at some point in our lives, from changing a tyre to re-stringing a guitar. All the videos share the common theme of a scantily-clad ‘tutor’ trying not to look too awkward while holding a screwdriver, wrench or, in this case, a waxing iron.

To be fair, it’s a pretty good tutorial, rivalling even the magnificent and definitive article in last year’s Whitelines Buyers’ Guide…. Having said that, we don’t know anyone who straddles their board to scrape it! We’ll put that one down to ‘artistic license’….

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