Vera Janssen’s Family Road Trip is Rad…

In light of the new Royal baby, Cooler recently posted an article on the 7 coolest mums who ride, and, especially after seeing her latest episode of Shredventures, we have to agree that Vera Janssen is definitely deserving of a spot.

Since the birth of her child only last year, Vera’s put out six episodes (so far) on Mahfia.tv, taking her family with her on the road in search of some good shred. This one features a month spent living out of a camper van in Alaska touring the backcountry as well as some ridiculously fun looking Snowmobiling from Khalle KJ Johnson and friends (7.15).

Not a bad start to life for their little one is it? Certainly sounds better than having a media frenzy surrounding you like our future king. Plus looking up onto the hill to see your mum drop cliffs like that has got to be inspiring (2.21)…

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