Further Unplugged – Terje Haakonsen handplants snow sculptures

Sam Oetiker Sam Oetiker

Being stuck out in the arse end of nowhere in a tent is a regular occurrence for Jeremy Jones and the Further crew. So far, the boredom has fuelled a brilliant prank, some shameless product placement and “card games that Jeremy made up the rules [for].”

This latest vid from the gang sees UK photog Dan Milner lovingly sculpt some camp mascot’s, Rachel and Phillip, only to have Terje Haakonsen session them to the ground. Literally. Rachel and Phillip hold up to a good handplanting and it’s only until Terje develops a bit of a vendetta towards them, “I’m gonna chop his head off” that they become doomed to a flattened existence. When Terje gets hold of those of ski poles, there ain’t nothing Dan can do to stop him…


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