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Triple Cork! Torstein Horgmo lands it!

Triple Cork! Torstein Horgmo lands it!

Torstein Horgmo has become the first rider in the world to land a triple cork on video. Yes, you read that right, a triple cork. While Nils Arvidsson came pretty close to getting one down on video here, we’re pretty sure Torstein is the first one to actually land the thing. And there’s no arguing with this either as he goes properly inverted three times. While we’re pretty sure they probably filmed the melodramatic intro after the event, that doesn’t take away from it – this is fuckin sick!


The Triple Cork from torstein horgmo on Vimeo.

  1. Dan

    obviously this lad is very talented, but why does this stuff just not inspire me to go snowboarding?? oooooohhhhh, i really can’t wait for the quadruple cork, i really can’t and better still the fiveoctle cork.

  2. BUTTERS....

    HOT DAM!!!…. like someone chucked Thor’s Hammer over it!… TEXT BOOK!

  3. barry

    No George cos he didn’t do it with a horrible tweaked nute grab! Trademark torstein steez, no arm flailing and grabbed all way round – looks like he’s been throwing them for years. If you think that’s a triple back you need to go back to snowboard school!

  4. George

    Looks more like a triple backflip to me. And isn’t this just as ‘gay’ as the 1620 everyone slated a while back?

  5. Jeru

    Siiiiiiiiiick!!! future of freestyle right there.


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