Tour de France – Crazy mountain bikers jump over Chris Froome

OK so this has very little to do with snowboarding, but here at Whitelines Towers we sit next to a bunch of cycle fanatics who work on sister sites like RCUK. So we’ve been subjected to a lot of Tour de France chat over the last three weeks.

Obviously having a Brit (honestly, he’s not a Kenyan!) win it again is pretty cool if only cos it’s one in the eye for the Frenchies. But the coolest Tour de France related thing we’ve seen is this – a bunch of crazy mountain bikers jumping over the Tour just as Chris Froome cycles past in his yellow jersey. Rad eh?

This got us thinking, what would the snowboard equivalent of this be? Is anyone up for setting up a road gap over the Biathlon event at the Sochi Olympics? Or would you just end up getting shot…?

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