Torah Bright Full Part – Back with a Bang!

If you feel like the world of snowboarding has been missing something for the past couple of seasons, that’s cos it kind of has – following her gold medal in Vancouver (and her marriage to Forum pro Jake Welch) Torah Bright decided to take a couple of seasons off competing full-time. And while she’s still been shredding, taking backcountry trips with the Roxy girls and cropping up in edits and photos from New Zealand each summer, she’s not been going all out in the same way. This goes some way to explaining Kelly Clark’s awesome dominance of the women’s pipe in the 2010-11 season, where without Torah to challenge her, she won something like 16 competitions on the trot.

Now it seems with the Olympics on the horizon again and the qualifying campaign well underway, Torah is back with a vengeance. She cropped up in last weekend’s Dew Tour, making the superpipe finals (although a butt-check meant she didn’t make the podium) and today she released this – a full part released as a collaboration between her sponsors Roxy and the all-girl film outfit Peep Show. It’s a banger – OK, so the horseriding shots may be somewhat superfluous, but we’re loving the steezy halfpipe airs and massive backcountry booters. Seeing this, we realise why we’ve missed Torah – the world of snowboarding is just that bit brighter (yes I know, it’s a terrible pun) with her stylish shredding around.

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