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Stylish Norwegian shred from Jonas Veddegjerde

Stylish Norwegian shred from Jonas Veddegjerde

Sam Oetiker Sam Oetiker

We’ve never come across Norwegian Jonas Veddegjerde before but we just watched his season edit and were pleasantly surprised. Based on the fact that he’s Norwegian we’d have guessed that he’d at least have some basic tricks on lock but we certainly weren’t expecting super stylish double backside rodeos and a bang tidy backside double cork ender.

Now he’s definitely got a fair way to go to be on the same level as the guys on the Norwegian team (who, as they showed the world on their slushy Northstar session a few months ago, pretty much all have triple corks under their belts…) but he’s certainly got a style that’s easy on the eyes.

The edit has a nice pace and feel to it as well – not at all a bad way at to spend 2 minutes on a slow news day…

  1. Laura Berry

    Cant belive you guys didnt mention the best bit about this edit….. the new way of getting onto a t-bar at 0.15. Sick!

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