Standing Sideways Crew tear Leeds to shreds

http://mpora.com/videos/hL8LIBLct Back in January, one of the coldest winters on record brought on “The Big Freeze”. While many people cursed the snow that left them stranded, snowboarders from across the land headed out with massive grins on their faces to get their shred on. While some headed to the hills, the Standing Sideways crew, led by filmer/shaper/Whitelines columnist Damian Doyle, decided to take their shredding to the streets, and make a short film about it.

The scenes you will see in this clip may look like they were shot in Salt Lake City, but they were actually taken on the streets of Leeds! The same sessions produced Dan Medhurst’s classic “This Is England” shot from our Spring Photo Special Gallery (p. 107 for those of you who have the mag handy).

Si Foster, Ian Ashmore and Jonny Russell hit snow-covered mini-ramps, stepped up to sketchy-ass rails and braved the attentions of the local chavs to produce this film, which showcases what’s best about the UK scene. From Damo’s slick filming and editing skills to the inventive choice of spots and that frankly insane quadruple-kink rail that the boys hit at the end, this is awesome. This is UK snowboarding.