Spring time shenanigans at Cairngorm with the Trinders and Andrew Forwood

Ok so there is a little more snow in this edit compared to the amount that Angus Leith had to play with in his latest one but it still looks pretty bare. Scottish TSA riders messed around with some of the street features up at Cairngorm recently and put together a nice, end of season edit for us to enjoy.

Jamie Trinder, Angus Trinder and Andrew Forwood show what they’ve got with some tasty feature set-ups including a donkey dick gas pipe and flat rail to flat down box.

Jamie Trinder looks as smooth as ever with a backboard transfer to back tailslide, 270 out on the flat rail to box feature. A good level of riding between these guys and nice to see some more on-snow #ukshred still going on this late into the year.

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