Splitboard Noboarding – the ultimate in freeriding?

http://mpora.com/videos/TpGq5vE36 Splitboarding allows you to go where no-one else can right? And no-boarding (the bindingless style of snowboarding best demonstrated by people like Wolle Nyvelt here) allows a surf board like freedom that you can’t get from a conventional board – at least according to its fans. So what would happen if you combined the two? You’d get the ultimate in truly free freeriding right? Well, that’s exactly what this group of Canadians tried. And it worked. Sort-of. While I’m sure in their hippy-ish minds this is the freest form of “snowsurfing” around, in reality it doesn’t look that incredible, not least because of their kind of average riding skills. To be fair to them, they’re not claiming to be pros. And there are some reasonably impressive pillow drops here, just none in the first few minutes! But it’s well worth a watch (even if you skip towards the end) if only because there’s something charmingly amateur about their efforts and cos, well, it’s new idea that might have potential. Imagine if you gave Wolle one of these – now that would be worth watching!

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