Sophie Nicholls’ Go Big or Go Home

http://vimeo.com/69308586We reckon the The Gonzilla.tv boys have struck gold by recruiting Sophie Nicholls (yep, Jamie Nicholls’ lil sis) as the new presenter for their web show. Normally a seven minute long edit would have our attention wavering at approximately the two and a half minute mark but with her blonde locks and infectious personality, Sophie here had us glued to our monitors for the whole damn thing…

We’ve got no idea what Jamie was up to on the day but there was plenty of predictably incredible riding from the now legendary Go Big or Go Home event at Bearsden including Matt McCormick’s massive 1080 (he must have been feeling extra flexible after that warm-up routine), and eventual winner Marc McClement’s bonkers double rodeo (who also happens to have some beatbox skills that might just rival Scott Penman’s).

The weather was shit but the comp was most definitely not and this edit gave us a really good idea of what went down on the day (and a bloody good chuckle at that). Better watch your back Jamie – looks like little sis is getting the hang of the whole being famous thing ;)