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Snowboarder takes a rather long tumble in Fernie...

Snowboarder takes a rather long tumble in Fernie...

Sam Oetiker Sam Oetiker

GoPros. Love ’em or hate ’em but without the ever-growing fleet of radical unicorns (credit to Chris Moran for that outstanding metaphor), gems like this would never see the light of day.

Apparently this guy “thought for some weird reason the bunny hill was located at the very top of the mountain [which] seemed odd, and [he] found out the hard way” which, in this case involves tumbling down the entire run, falling off a little cliff on the way, before finally coming to rest at the feet of skiers and riders who are actually aware of what terrain they should be riding to match their ability.

Thankfully, Fernie had been snowed on fairly recently and the only injuries the guy suffered were to his pride. Best check that piste map next time and maybe stick to the green runs for a while eh?

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  1. Ed

    Snow School is at the bottom of the mountain dude.

  2. Shell

    Why would you even be up there in the first place with such awful boarding skills?! The pair of divs don’t appear to even know how to link a turn yet! Even without the epic fall/slide/wipeout, doing a crappy falling leaf when you are off piste isn’t impressive. Muppets.

  3. maiko

    it would be nice to see people stopping to think they are able to snowboard just because they think they can and because they have the money to buy the gear. man, that is a red slope. red!!! and he can’t even stop! awg… :o) do you also say it in english “come down like a leaf” .. to describe the 80% of people who do not know how to carve a curve?

  4. Paul Stewart

    ooffft! the first thing he thinks about is turning off his go pro! haha awesome!

  5. marius

    but hey… he took the time to shut the gopro as soon as the “run” finished :)

  6. Rob

    All the gear, no idea!

  7. Sinista

    I was going to say “we’ve all been there” then I realised I was only a third of the way through the video… dang what tumble!

  8. Martin

    this guy is a muppet, if you need to hold on to the rope that is already telling you not to go that way, you are risking you and others, get a lesson and stay in areas fit for your ability, thank god he didnt hurt anyone else, complete muppet and I hope his bruises knock some sense into him.

    1. David

      I went onto youtube and watched it, and he’s learnt nothing. Shows another video of him having a run in with ski patrol because he jumped a rope. All the comments on this one are ridiculous, and he insists he ‘knows what he’s doing’.
      Description says ‘Dropped in and fell backwards’. Knows the lingo, doesn’t use it for the correct situations, and churned up the run for the next person. This is why people hate snowboarders. He gives us a bad name.

  9. Jonny

    You said it but what a muppet, I know you should push yourself but you dont go on a moguled red run when all you can do is board slide. crazy fool :P

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