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Shaun White - NBC's Olympic Interview

Shaun White - NBC's Olympic Interview



UPDATE: Unfortunately this YouTube video can’t be embedded, so you have to watch the clip directly on YouTube here.

We saw this first on YoBeat this morning – initially it appears to a pre-Olympic profile of Shaun White, featuring a potted biography and bits of footage from The White Album, as well as some clips from the previous games.

But watch a bit further and you’ll realise it’s actually an exercise in arse-kissing on an Olympic scale – with an extra-helping of particularly smelly cheese. By the time you get to the story of his rivalry with KP (and that epically awkward fist-bump at 3.46) they’re throwing out lines like “greatness can’t live in the shadows” as if it was a Jerry Bruckheimer blockbuster.

The facts are straight but the tone? Ugh. I mean compare that to BBC commentator Ed Leigh’s no-holds-barred take on Shaun, they couldn’t be more different. How can America’s mainstream media get it so consistently wrong?

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  1. Rob

    “Shaun White is the greatest snowboarder alive…”

    Err… no, he’s the greatest halfpipe rider alive. Jeremy Jones, Travis Rice, Nicholas Muller, Gigi Ruf would have something to say about that.

  2. Ally

    American media make a promo for an American athlete. Is it really that bad? Let’s not kid ourselfs on here ….. The BBC would be making the same vid if he was from the uk. Also…. Let’s not even mention the promo videos were going to have forced on us when the English football team go to brazil next year.

  3. Frag

    After watching the crash reel the other night I came away thinking that the Olympics, x games etc is bad for snowboarding.

    This is just another example.

    Though my missus found the mr whites hair and makeup credit hysterical

  4. Nick Tuckwood

    Hmm…. weird how they left out the fact he kicked KP out of the house they shared when KP started beating him. Cant imagine why…

    1. Louise

      Yeah, because that’s super inspiring. It’s about raising hopes about Olympic success not an exposé on Shaun White.

  5. Benoit

    Click on the youtube logo on bottom right to open it on youtube itself and it works in other countries

    1. Alex+Martin

      Looks like they have changed the link now, cheers mucca

  6. Tommi Lääperi

    Doesnt work in Sweden…

  7. Paul Gregg

    Yep. C’mon man. School boy error.

  8. Alexis Le Forestier

    Yeah… doesn’t work in France neither

  9. Alex Martin

    Would be good if the link allowed us to watch it in the UK from mobile devices

    1. george

      or in the UK at all


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