Scotty Vine full part: mad one foot skills!

Last year, Scotty Vine firmly earned a place in our unofficial ‘Heros of 2011’ with his über-tech full part. And although we haven’t really started compiling one for this year yet, this new part from the one-foot master puts him right up there, straight away. Not only is his riding precise, big and undeniably steezy; his tricks are also on another level. One-foot boardslide through a down flat down?  Casual frontside 540’s off the end of rails? Freakin’ one-foot frontside 540 off a 60 foot jump? Can you imagine landing switch one-footed? Serious knee dislocating potential right there. We knew he wouldn’t rest on his laurels in 2012 and he certainly didn’t disappoint. You’ve gotta hand it to him – Scotty Vine is one ridiculously talented snowboarder.

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