‘Rhythm’s Black Bear Open’ 2012

http://mpora.com/videos/4IZHgj60y Just like T-Rice’s Red Bull Supernatural competition, the 2012 Rhythm Black Bear Open is made on natural terrain. However, instead of a team of highly skilled Canadian carpenters, this Scandi comp course was built by the love children of Thor and Victoria Silvstedt: Sweden’s oldest shred crew the ‘Gälka Warriors’.

They still have the traditional jumps and spines, but to mix things up a bit the warriors included a cave, totem pole bonks, garbage cans and… a limbo stick?!

Held in the heart of lapland, Björkliden (A.K.A the middle of frickin’ nowhere), the slopestyle event features a quirky side competition ‘Spray and Play’ with the following categories: ‘Shred or Dice’, ‘Surf Pose Mania’, ‘Bonky & Tonk’ and finally ‘Ollie to Hell’.

Interested? The video explains it all, as well as showing us the awesome vibe and sweet riding of this cool little comp.

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