Red Alert – full Russian snowboard movie

Here’s one you don’t see everyday: a full snowboard movie from the deepest, darkest depths of Russia. While the riders are by and large completely unfamiliar to us (and pretty much unpronounceable too), save for Russia’s biggest rail riding star Denis Leontyev, this is worth a watch for the change of scenery alone – how refreshing is it to see some spots from locations other than Quebec, Salt Lake City, Helsinki, and all of the other urban rail meccas of the world?

It’s also nice to see Eastern Europe getting some attention as well. Judging by this movie and the fact that Quiksilver have their own Russian snowboard team, there’s obviously a ton of untapped talent roaming the streets eastside. Variety is the spice of life we reckon and we look forward to discovering more riders who would be just as comfortable playing a Bond villain as they are sliding down metal handrails on a plank of wood.

Red Alert features: Denis Leontyev, Philipp Ananin, Brendan Gerard, Maxim Sibirjakov, Yuri Rudchik, Nikita Vasilev, Igor Kulakov, Konstantin Kokorev, Mihail Ilin, Alexey Kasimov, Kirill Krivov Кonstantin Beregevsky, Vanja Gribkov, Artem Smolin, Anton Boradochev

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