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Nitro's Retro Hype Edit

13:23 27th November 2012 by Intern

If you haven’t checked out the full version of Hyped! that dropped a few weeks back then you’re missing out.

Either way you take a look at the concept promo that Nitro sent out. They made an edit of Hype, one of their early films from twenty years back, and the inspiration for their new flick, to show us what the snowboarding of yesteryear was like, hucking, day-glo onesies, ponytails and all. It’s well worth a look, if only because you can’t even tell what they’re even trying to pull half of the time.

Then, if you haven’t already, check out the full edit of Nitro’s newest offering, Hyped!

All of the Nitro riders are here: Markus KellerBryan FoxNils ArvidssonEero EttalaKnut EliassenAustin SmithElias ElhardtSam TaxwoodBenny UrbanJon KooleyAnton GunJustin BenneeMark SwobodaAnton BilareDominik Wagner and a load of others tearing it up all over China, Europe and North America.

You can really see where they wanted to go with this film, not pulling the most photogenic moves in HD slowmo whilst tumbling out of a helicopter just because it looks good (*cough* Art Of Flight *cough*), but doing what they want to because it’s fun and then throwing it together in production with some retro graphics and a nice mix. They absolutely nailed it:






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