New teaser from Ugandan snowboarder Brolin Mawejje

Uganda’s 2018 Olympic hope, Brolin Mawejje, has delivered the next teaser for upcoming documentary Far From Home.

The Far From Home project will tell the story of Ugangandan born Mawejje who overcame a lifetime of struggles and moved to the United States where he discovered his love of snowboarding.

Mawejje, currently studying to become a doctor, is hoping to represent Uganda at the 2018 Olympics in South Korea.

At 01:22 Mawejje visits the Ugandan Secretary of Sport, who calmly tells the Olympic hopeful that Africans don’t do winter sports and that snowboarding is not part of the Olympics. Clearly the secretary has never heard of the Winter Olympics or seen Mawejje or Paul Kabugo in action. Both riders show that Ugandans are no strangers to mixing it up in the back country or park.

Still, this is just one more mountain for the determined Mawejje to climb on his way to South Korea.

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