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Methods with Burton

Methods with Burton

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Burton have trawled through the archives for this little gem. Methods as we have stated numerous times before are like the fingerprint of a snowboarders style, you have to remember that “you don’t choose your method, your method chooses you” Pretty bloody cheesy but unbelievably true.

Burton have locked down footage from Stephan Maurer, John Jackson, Peetu Piiroinen, Terje Haakonsen, Christian Haller, Shaun White, Kelly Clark and even some throwback methods from Jeff Brushie and Craig Kelly cranking the style up a few notches. One thing we would mention is the lack of Nicolas Müller in this edit, surely he has one of the most recognizable methods out there? Maybe he was too busy collecting all his eggs?

Before you start waxing up your board and jumping up and down on your bed dressed in all ‘yo fancy new outerwear, read this article on the endless appreciation for the good old method. It’ll get you more fired up for winter than sitting in your freezer…

  1. Karl

    Mega Video !!

    Any idea what film the footage of Terje in pink trousers and purple beanie is from?

    Where ever its from was the first time I saw him ride, would love to see it again.

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