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Mark McMorris on his hometown, roots and life in general...

Mark McMorris on his hometown, roots and life in general...

Sam Oetiker Sam Oetiker

In the space of just a few short years, Mark McMorris has grown from being a regular kid who skates, wakeboards and snowboards in his hometown to one of the most well known and talented snowboarders in the world.

This interesting video from Red Bull looks at Mark’s hometown of Regina, Saskatchewan – a region in Canada that’s so flat that there’s a whole group of jokes about it – and gives us an insight into his wakeboarding roots, his relationship with his brother Craig and without getting too deep and cheesy, his take on life. It’s actually really refreshing to see this side of Mark – y’know, aside from all of the competition hype, shit-talking on Shaun White and the like. Great to see that he fully appreciates how fortunate he is to be in his position and isn’t taking it all for granted as well.

Nice one Mark, you came across good in this – let’s all try and appreciate what we’ve got going on in our hometowns a little more eh? Yes, even if you live in Hull…


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