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Louie Vito gets Dancing with the Stars

Louie Vito gets Dancing with the Stars

http://mpora.com/videos/9km3sofiQ So some of you might have heard that Olympic halfpipe hopeful Louie Vito is on the new season of Dancing with the Stars – the US equivalent of Strictly Come Dancing. We’ve dug up these hilarious little video clip of Louie and his dance partner getting a quick foxtrot and salsa on, which we felt we had to share – if only for the awesome wife-beater! The first one’s all Louie, the second you get to see the competition. Louie seems to be loving the whole thing, even if the judges aren’t – his blog for People magazine (the US equivalent of Closer) suggests they have a problem with his hair. This is all pretty hilarious, but the question remains, is any of this good for snowboarding? See what Todd Richards thinks here.

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In this second one, you get to see what Louie’s up against, in a salsa dance off. Kindof like halfpipe competition but…well not. Highlight here surely has to be Chuck Liddell, professional gorilla man and some-time cage fighter. Check out his Louie’s salsa-style backflips at 3.24… what is he thinking?

  1. Danica Delbrune

    I think UFC should become an olympic sport, it’s more entertaining than boxing or wrestling! Thank you for this article, I have added your site to my favorites

  2. david pulman

    looking for support in this aswell as the olympics i see!! good work tho dude!! well done! more fans = more fun = $$$$$$$ = :)

  3. Bob Gnarly

    Dude, that’s just gay! Why would you want to look like a greasy Spanish waiter, when you can do double corks?!!! WTF?

  4. Kev

    Louie’s partner is HOT.

  5. Skids

    Haha! This is classic. He should have saved that flip for later in the series, he’s shown his hand now!


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