Lipstick leftovers from Dachstein

http://mpora.com/videos/AAd9lr85vbgu Euro Girls film outfit Lipstick Productions has dropped some of it’s footage that hasn’t made it into their new 2012-13 film Eurotic. The moody 2 minute edit just looks like good clean glacier shredding fun with Ana Rumiha and Urska Pribosic getting it done.

The Eurotic movie tour starts in October in Poland and although there is currently no UK tour date we’re sure one will be released in the next few weeks. Would be disappointing if we had no Girl snowboard film premieres the the UK as the film has riding from Ursina Haller, Sina Candrian, Basia Stevulova and Julia Baumgartner.

We’re stoked for the release, check out last years ‘5 More Minutes…Please?!’ online here including our very own Aimee Fullers segment that ended up being the opening part…

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