Jann Eberharter – 2011/2012 season edit

http://mpora.com/videos/lfwnpu7UJ Jann Eberharter, one of our fans from across the pond, sent us this rad little season edit and we have to say we’re impressed. It’s refreshing to see so many powder shots (how freakin’ mad is that pillow field?) rather than your bog standard, cookie cutter park-hits-edited-to-gangster-rap type stuff and Jann’s clearly got the skills to handle it. Of course, that’s sort of what you’d expect when you have Mt. Baker or ____________ (insert alternative world-class North American champagne powder-trapping resort) on your doorstep and it’s really no surprise that the lucky sods know how to send it in the deep stuff. If only British sponsor-me tapes and season edits could feature so much powder – we live and dream on…

Remember, we love watching your season edits, so fire ’em over and we’ll try and get the best ones up when we can.

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