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Jack Labbett - the new Charlie Idda?

Jack Labbett - the new Charlie Idda?

Sam Oetiker Sam Oetiker

We don’t know who Jack Labbett is, nor did we know that such a rad looking indoor dryslope existed down in Southampton. What we do know (thanks to this edit) is that Jack here is pretty handy on a snowboard. It looks like hours spent sessioning Snowtrax, Calshot and Hemel have really helped him hone his riding to the point where we think he’s plenty good enough to have a few sponsors under his belt. Sure, he may not quite have the sort of all-round kicker prowess of the McCormicks, or the doubles of Jesse Smith, but the lad definitely knows how to get tech when it comes to switch ups and spins onto and off of rails. You’ve got to admire the inventiveness of that kicker to kicker redirect at 1:52 as well. Could Jack be the dryslope equivalent of Charlie Idda, who famously got snapped up by YES snowboards after we posted his season edit here on Whitelines?

  1. Marcela

    After compiling such exvesnite, and yet, amazing flyer selection, you guys have now officially earned the name Heroes . Keep up the great work and keep them flyers coming. Cheers.


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