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Is this the first ever female frontside 1080 off a kicker?

Is this the first ever female frontside 1080 off a kicker?

Sam Oetiker Sam Oetiker

Girls have been properly stepping up their game in snowboarding recently. Six women have got double corks on lock including, of course, our own Aimee Fuller, while Elena Hight has also been chucking them in the pipe.

Kelly Clark has been spinning 1080s in the halfpipe for a while now but is this flatspin frontside 1080 by Sina Candrian the first one ever stomped by a woman on a kicker?

While it’s definitely not the cleanest landing ever, you’ve gotta give props to Sina for sticking the trick and making it look proper stylish as well. Has Sina just set the new standard for women’s slopestyle riding? The recent slopestyle at X Games Tignes was one of the best we’d ever seen, but can you imagine if the best girls in the world are chucking 1080s next season?

  1. Kev

    Would be interesting to compare to the first 1080 landed by a dude, my guess would be that would be washed out (and claimed).

    1. e

      Well I believe Kevin Jones was credited with the first one and he landed it clean as hell

  2. e

    …oh AND she claimed it, even worse.

  3. e

    uhhh NO! She started spinning 90 before she even left the lip and she landed at 990 and washed into 1080. Doesn’t count as a legit 1080


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