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Introducing 18-month old Nevek - youngest shredder ever?

Introducing 18-month old Nevek - youngest shredder ever?

Sam Oetiker Sam Oetiker

Ok, so we all know that learning something at a young age can go a long way in helping you get really good at something. But as cute as little Nevek here is, surely 18-months is a little young to start snowboarding? Most kids are learning to stand up and walk for the first time at that age, nevermind cruising down a piste on a snowboard! Saying that, this is Canada we’re talking about here – a country where kids are practically born with ice skates on their tiny feet…

As snowboarders ourselves we’re sure many of us can relate to being keen for our kids to give it a try as well. But seriously, 18-months? Props to the kid though and if his love for the sport continues to blossom post-pampers, we could very well have another snowboard prodigy on our hands. You gotta feel for ‘the veteran’ though, surely dad should be encouraging her rather than stating on a national news channel that she’s ‘not good enough’!? Future pushy parent in the making?

  1. Slotman69

    Parents sucking on the devils burton sponsored cock…! Truly awfull and has no place on a snowboarding website

    1. sam

      We didn’t catch any mention of sponsorship in this whatsoever. What makes you think that Burton have sponsored this little fella? Could dad not just have bought him a Burton board (being one of few snowboard brands that actually make them this small)?

  2. Too young??!!?

    Y u hating on the Dad Sam? U should be giving up props to the Pops. I thought your comments were a bit negative all the way through mate. Nice clip thoug, thanks.

    1. sam

      Cheers for the comment :) Definitely not hating on dad and I applaud his dedication to spreading the love of the shred (and Nevek rips!). But is it right that parents choose what activities their kids do on a regular basis (weekly in this case by the sounds of things) before said kids are old enough to vocalise their feelings about the activities? I’m all for kids learning to ride when they’re young (if they are as excited to learn as dad is for them to learn) but when it comes to snowboarding I just feel like three is a more appropriate age to kick things off than 18 months.

  3. CynicalKiddo

    The father said that his daughter was not good enough yet to pass on snowboard knowledge to her little brother. He did not say that she was not good enough of a little girl. My gosh. It seems to me he thinks the world of his babies and thinks they are capable of anything.

  4. Chris Dainton

    “””You gotta feel for ‘the veteran’ though, surely dad should be encouraging her rather than stating on a national news channel that she’s ‘not good enough’!? “””

    Totally taken out of context! The father was asked if she’s passing on any tricks and laughed and said “she’s not good enough (to pass on tricks) – yet”.

    Happy new year Nevek and family! Enjoy your fun on the snow!

    1. sam

      Haha, totally missed the ‘yet’ at the end of dad’s reply, which made it sound a little abrupt to my ears! No question dad gives her plenty of support, just found that line a little odd before hearing the ‘yet’ at the end of it.


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