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How to do and not to do a double cork 10 with Charlie Rowland

09:11 1st May 2013 by Sam Oetiker

Remember a time when if a rider didn’t put a double cork into their slopestyle/big air run they were looked at by contest judges as inferior, less worthy, definitely less deserving beings? (Ok. we’re exaggerating a little there but you get the picture). These days pretty much every pro and their nan has a double cork or four in their arsenal and the game has very much evolved into a triple corking arms race. Heck, some Norwegian kid just stomped the first triple 1620

The thing is, double corks are still retardedly difficult and take a heck of a lot of commitment to stomp. British rider Charlie Rowland here stomped a few this season and most definitely didn’t stomp a few as well… Dunno about you but we think that the very thought of smashing your face on the knuckle of a 65 foot booter would put us off ever trying ‘em – even if we did have back 5s and cab underflip 5s on lock. This little ‘how to’ from Charlie is rad though and shows that a double cork is still an intense trick to even think about trying to learn.

While we’re on the subject, Charlie has also made it to the second stages of the Amplid Ambush Academy, which gives riders the opportunity to pick up sponsorship from Amplid. Have a watch of his season edit below – the more views he gets the better chance he has of winning so lets all pull together and help a fellow Brit out eh?

  1. sam

    Haha amazing! Thanks for sharing ;)

  2. You-Can Call-Me Al

    He also can’t do doubles on a bike – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EjsyelIk3tI


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