Hitler works for the FIS!

Having totally stitched up the Dew Tour, the TTR and the rest of the snowboarding world by claiming exclusive control of the Olympic Snowboard Qualification process, the FIS are definitely looking like the bad guys of snowboarding right about now. What we didn’t realise was just how truly evil they actually are!

We’ve just been sent this secretly-filmed footage of the FIS meeting in which Slopestyle qualification was discussed – which took place in their underground bunker buried somewhere in the mountains – and it’s pretty revelatory. I mean we all knew they were ski-Nazis, but we didn’t realise they’d actually gone and employed the moustachioed-one himself! No-wonder they’re so good at marching in where they’re not wanted…

Oh, and we know you’ve probably seen this meme before, but trust, this is the best version we’ve ever watched!

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