Gulli Gudmundsson full part

If you weren’t already aware, Gulli Gudmundsson is the perennial partner in crime of Halldor and Eiki Helgason. With common Icelandic heritage and attendance at the same snowboard school as the brothers it was inevitable that the trio would eventually become BFF. Fast forward a few years and all three riders are sponsored, the Helgasons have exploded on the world wide interweb and they get to ride and shoot together a whole bunch – a fairytale ending if you like. Gulli featured pretty heavily in this years Helgasons full length Pepping! and this full part is all of his best footage from that, along with a few other unseen bits and pieces.

While he may not be quite as big a household name as the Helgasons, we reckon it’s fair to say that when it comes to the riding, Gulli is every bit as talented as the brothers. How sick is that massive frontside 720 in the ‘streetcountry’? And that ender 270 onto the ledge is pretty tech as well. A well rounded and accomplished part from Mr. Gudmundsson. All three full parts are out now: Eiki’s, Halldor’s and now Gulli’s – which one gets your vote?

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