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Grilosodes Shred Dubai

Grilosodes Shred Dubai

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Man it must suck to be a regular joe out for a shred in Dubai when these guys turn up. Everything seems to be closed to the public when Marko Grilc & Mikkel Bang arrive for this, the first episodes of Series 3 of Grilosodes. Wave pools, skate parks, sand dunes, and indoor Ski Dubai (which placed pretty highly in our list of the top 5 artificial slopes), still they couldn’t get a private tour of Seaworld, tough break…

What do we reckon of sand dune snowboarding by the way? Those sciency types at NASA though it could even be possible on Mars if we used boards made of dry ice, but apparently Grilc just needs a regular one? Sounds like somebody’s spent too long with their head in a textbook…


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