Graham Haley – the next Willet or Flanagan?

Another day, another sickeningly talented snowboard grom.

Graham Haley is a 13 year old kid who has been fortunate to grow up in the sunny, liberal and (lets be honest) downright frickin’ rad state of California. With surf, snow and skate on its doorstep, it’s little surprise that Cali churns out action sports talents like Mr Whippy churns out 99 Flakes on a scorching summers day…

Graham hails from Boreal and by the looks of things has already been hooked up by Rome Snowboards and Volcom outerwear and rode in their annual PBRJ event. With only a couple of bs 360 shots, it looks like Graham’s still got a bit of work to do on the kicker side of things but he’s certainly got some skills on the rails – the 50-50 front 3 tucknee over the stairset at 1:07 was massive!

The next Eric Willet or Tyler Flanagan? Only time will tell…

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