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Getting the first banger of the season with Jeremy Jones

16:40 9th November 2012 by Sam Oetiker

While it’s not quite as enjoyable to watch as Mikkel Bang’s recent behind-the-shot-type-thingy from Burton, in part thanks to jib Jeremy Jones’ distinctive drawl (sorry dude, but that accent just grates on our sensitive British ears), this is still pretty entertaining stuff. That creeper ledge to legde spot is gnarly no doubt, and it’s interesting to see just what it took to get the shot. Thankfully for Jeremy it looks like it took nowhere near as many tries as this particular banger from Johnnie Paxson because if it had, Jeremy probably wouldn’t have kneecaps anymore.

Burton are apparently dropping an urban mini-movie called ‘The Shortest Days of the Year’ on November 15th. Could they not have held off for a month and a bit to drop it on the actual shortest day of the year? C’mon Burton, you should know as well as anyone that it’s all about keeping your messages consistent, relevant and not dropping things prematurely ;)


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