Friday Find – Mental 6 year old black metal singer…

We’ll openly admit that we’re not usually the biggest fans of these talent show… erm, shows. They’re overproduced, over dramatic and let’s face it, Piers Morgan is a dick. But when they feature stupidly talented Ukrainian barmen and the like, sometimes they can be worth a wee look in.

We stumbled on this vid from the latest series of America’s Got Talent which features an act that is almost as disturbing as the thought of Mel B being a judge of talent – a six year old girl performing a black metal song that she wrote about zombies.

Let’s just hope her dad hasn’t bought her any Cannibal Corpse CD’s yet. We’ve got a feeling that on the whole, spinning songs titled ‘Dismembered and Molested’ can’t be all that good for a child’s mental development…

Still, the kid’s pretty bad ass no doubt.


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