Friday Find – Kilroy Loops

Kilroy. The unnecessarily tanned, overly dramatic rhetorical question asker and TV show host from the 90s who had his talk show eventually scrapped by the BBC after he wrote an article titled ‘We owe Arabs nothing’¬†for the Sunday Express…

These Kilroy intros were apparently used by a friend of the uploader as a way of reminding him when he had to leave for work. A tape of them was recorded by another friend and gifted to the original friend on his birthday before gathering dust in the attic for a good few years.

Props to the uploader for digging them out and sharing them with the world as there are some absolute gems in here. Some of our personal favourites have to be, “who was your 13 year old daughter talking to in her bedroom last night? She wasn’t being chatted up by a pedophile, was she?” and “You dated her for weeks – you kissed, you cuddled, you got intimate. And then she lifted her dress, and revealed she was a man”. Genius.

As one inspired Youtube commenter rightly pointed out, someone needs to make a Kilroy parody: “You keep walking towards the camera… asking rhetorical questions?”

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