Forum, the Gremlinz and Dylan Thompson destroy Windells

With so many summer camp edits dropping every week it can be almost impossible to know which ones are worthy of your time, unless of course, you have so much of it that you’ve watched them all, mentally caught a plane there, are shredding the rails in your head and are therefore probably in an almost continuous state of daydream. Here at Whitelines we’ve tried to be as selective as possible with them so it doesn’t become a case of ‘same old edit, different song’, and we think that the latest Windells edit here is well worth a watch.

There’s the smooth riding from the likes of Forum’s Stevie Bell, Austin Sweetin, Cam Pierce and Niko Cioffi as well as some footage from the Bonfire Pipe 2 Pipe and stunts from those prolific Gremlinz. And then of course there’s Dylan Thompson, who, if you cast your minds back to his ridiculous full part from Technine’s Familia 2, is an absolute boss at jibbing. Frontblunt 630? Oh yes…

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