Flipside Episode 3: Clash of the Titans

Another cheeky insight into the filming of Absinthe FilmsResonance‘ and once again it’s all Nicolas Müller and Laax. They might have clocked that it’s nigh on impossible to get sick of Nico and are running with the idea. Wolle Nyvelt joins the gang as they go hunting for some backcountry kicker spots after a few days of dumping in Switzerland.

Apart from the love of the word “motivated” the crew are keen that Nico wants to get his double 1080’s on film and it usual Nico style…well…we’ll let you watch and find out for yourselves.

We actually managed to get a peek at ‘Resonance‘ the other day. Everything you’d expect from Absinthe, 16mm shots, quirky soundtrack and a platter of Europe’s finest. Don’t forget the UK Premiere is hitting London on Monday…

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