Dry slope wizardry from Virginia

Liberty University, Virginia is home to one of the best dry slopes in the world. On top of these awesome facilities, it’s supposedly a decent place to get yourself a safe passage through the pearly gates. But who needs a spot on the white cloud-carpets of heaven when you’ve got a gleaming Snowflex dry slope in your backyard? They’d probably reply “Why not have both?” Fair enough…

According to their website, the uni has “a vision to train Champions for Christ” but from the footage we’ve just seen it looks like they’re training an army of dry slope wizards. Maybe they’re the same thing??? We don’t know, but since UK riders Jamie Nicholls, Andy Nudds and Will Smith took on the Yanks in 2010 they’ve definitely been gathering skilled members.

So should the UK dry slope scene fear these bible bashers from the west? Their spoof of That’s It That’s All has some heavy tricks in and that was from almost three years ago so maybe. We reckon a rematch is in order. “Amen to that!” we hear you say.