Diaries Down Under episode 2: Midwinter man mission with Ryan Tiene

It doesn’t really get much better than jetting off in a helicopter deep into New Zealand’s Southern Alps for some camping, clay pigeon shooting, explosions ‘n’ shit and of course – snowboarding. Calling it a ‘stag-do, without the stripper’ wasn’t far off either, save for the lack of a guy preparing to give up his seed-sowing rights for life (and copious quantities of alcohol)…

In this second episode of the 2013 Diaries Down Under series, the usual Kiwi crew are joined by Aussie big-gun Ryan Tiene, and┬átheir little greeting ritual in the intro skit definitely had us chuckling (it’s a funny old accent isn’t it)?

Looks like the snow could have been a little deeper on their man mission but that’s Australasian shredding for you – there’s plenty of potential but it’s rarely quite as epic what we’re treated to up here in the fairer hemisphere ;)

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