Classic Section: Halldor Helgason in ‘They Came From’


It seems that there is a little bit of a lull in the usual hurricane of film teasers and segments today. As boredom set in at our office we started talking about classic sections from Scandinavian riders. So first up is the choice of Deputy Editor Tristan Kennedy and Web Editor Sam Oetiker, they’ve gone for Halldor Helgason’s opener in ‘They Came From‘ by Factor Films.

We all agree that this was the breakout segment from Halldor, we’d seen bits and bobs from him in other films but it was the year that they released this, that he also appeared in Standard Films ‘Black Winter’ and he hasn’t stopped smashing it since…

We also want your standout Scandi segments from over the years. From Aleks Ostreng to Terje Haakonsen post them below…